12th Fail 2023

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Manoj Kumar Sharma belongs to Chambal village where cheating in exam is a common thing. He is appearing for his 12th standard exams and eyeing a peon's job. But a strict police officer DSP Dushyant Singh arrives during the exams and stops the cheating process, Manoj is unable to pass the examinations and starts to ride a passenger vehicle with brother Kamlesh. They both land in trouble with goons of a politician but Dushyant Singh comes to their aid. Inspired by his honesty Manoj starts considering him an idol and wants to become like him. The following year he clears his 12th standard exams and dreams of becoming a DSP officer but his destiny has different plans which brings Manoj into the world of UPSC, one of the toughest exams in the world.—alex.mjacko@gmail.com


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Manoj Kumar Sharma

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2023-12-30 21:33:43

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2 hours 27 minutes

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12th Fail

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