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"Waitress, the Musical - Live on Broadway" is a heartwarming story that follows the life of Jenna Hunterson (Sara Bareilles), a pie-maker and waitress stuck in an unfulfilling marriage in a small town. Jenna finds solace in baking and dreams of winning a baking contest in a nearby city to escape her mundane life. When Jenna becomes pregnant, she decides to take control of her life with the help of her co-workers and a new town doctor. She confronts her past, faces her fears, and makes life-changing choices. Based on the beloved film of the same name, the musical adaptation was created with original music and lyrics by singer Sara Bareilles and captured audiences' hearts during its run around the world. This spirited and visually stunning recording was filmed during a live Broadway performance of the musical, "Waitress, the Musical - Live on Broadway." captures the essence of the original production beautifully. The film features an exceptional performance by Sara Bareilles herself, who steps back into the role of Jenna. Immerse yourself in this wonderful world, and then go get yourself some pie.—Jarod Neece


Movie Cast

Earl Hunterson

Jenna Hunterson

Joe / Josie

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2024-01-09 12:56:13

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2 hours 24 minutes

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Waitress: The Musical

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