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Peter Barrett (Charlie Weber), a CIA covert operative, is approached at a diner by a man in disguise. The man is revealed to be Peter's CIA superior and adopted father, Henry Byrne (Jon Voight). Byrne had adopted Peter after Peter's parents, who were close with Byrne, were killed in a terrorist attack and Peter temporarily lost his hearing. Peter's hearing returned, though now ultra sensitive, giving him ultrasonic hearing.The mission is track at Russian arms dealer/drug smuggler, download the contents of his watch, and then eliminate them. After Byrne leaves, Peter calls his pregnant wife, Elena Maran (Rryla McIntosh), who is also a CIA agent.The mission starts well with Peter easily capturing the target (Doug Chapman), downloading the contents, and wiping out the target's bodyguards. Once the download is complete, which the target had to be alive for, Peter goes to kill the target but is stopped by Elena and two other agents. The target has been the subject of a year long investigation and Elena's team need him to stand trial. Peter hesitates on what to do and the target grabs a gun firing at Peter. Peter is grazed by the bullet but shoots and kills the target. Elena, however, is hit directly in the stomach.Elena survives but loses the baby and eventually leaves Peter. Peter relationship with Byrne also falls apart as Peter blames Byrne for ordering the mission knowing Elena could show up, though Byrne denies knowing that her team was involved.Seventeen years later Elena is still working for the CIA, while Peter is now living a life of solitude as a painter in the mountains in Cascade, Oregon. Elena receives incriminating evidence about the CIA from her colleague, Dennis (Stephen Lobo), shortly before he is killed by an assassin looking for the evidence.Peter, now going by the alias Mark Nicholson, receives a package addressed to Peter Barrett. The packages contain two art books with an inscription from Elena, something she used to do when they were married as he'd always drip paint on the books.He later visits a bar run by his friend Lucy (Leah Gibson). While there Peter is approached by a teenage girl, Sophia (Madison Bailey), who addresses him as Peter. Sophia is Elena's daughter and says her mom told her to find Peter Barrett if anything ever happens to her. Elena is now missing and Sophia found Peter hoping he'd help find her. Peter denies that he is Peter or that he knows Sophia's mother.Sophie follows Peter home and eventually gets him to admit his identity after discovering a painting of her mom. She confronts Peter and claims she is his daughter too, but the house is then attacked by mercenaries with Sophia killing the final attacker. Peter and Sophia flee the house with Peter grabbing a few belongings, including the art books that Elena had sent.Naomi Piasecki (Marie Avgeropoulos), Section Chief for the CIA, watches body cam footage of Peter's attack. She calls in Agent Kim (Luisa d'Oliviera) and orders a manhunt to be put on for Peter, who she accuses of going rogue and murdering eight federal agents who were there to investigate him for possession of classified information.Piasecki and Kim deliver the news to Byrne, now a high ranking CIA official. He is furious that agents when it like they did and accuses the CIA using Piasecki to cover-up old messes. Piasecki tells Kim to put a tail and track on Byrne, believing he is hiding something.Peter and Sophia find Niles (Jason Gray-Stanford), the owner of a computer hardware/software store, and asks him to hack into the CIA network and determine why he was attacked. Niles at first refuses knowing how to, but after Peter shows him his gun Niles agrees to help. He finds that Peter's record is now classified and Elena is claimed to have went dark on a mission.Peter calls Byrne who tells Peter that two agents came to his house asking about him. Peter agrees to meet with Byrne in secret, believing Byrne is the best chance to find Elena. Agent Kim is able to trace Niles' hacking to Cascade, Oregon and sends a team to retrieve him.Sophia once again confronts Peter about him lying and though he feels guilt about lying, he still denies being her father. Meanwhile, eccentric CIA assassin Ghost (Max Montesi), who had previously killed Elena's colleague Dennis, arrives in Cascade and goes through Peter's apartment tracking him to Lucy's bar.Peter meets with Byrne demanding to know why the CIA tried to kill him. Byrne says he doesn't know but has pieced together that Piasecki believes Peter is in possession of something that greatly threatens national security. When asked about Sophia's identity, Byrne also rejects the possibility that Peter and Elena are the parents.Ghost attacks Lucy at the bar and demands to know where Peter went, though she denies knowing Peter. Peter takes Byrne to meet Sophia and he begins aggressively questioning her at gun point. However, Sophia easily answers all of Byrne's questions and he agrees to call in a check on Elena's status, which reveals that Elena was killed in service. Sophia maintains that Elena had to have sent her to Peter for a reason, but Peter once again confirms he hasn't had any contact with Elena for years. He promises Sophia that he is going to find out what happened to Elena and take care of whoever did it.Peter examines the art books that she sent and finds a small flash drive inside the spine. He leaves Sophia with Byrne and heads out. Piasecki and Kim arrive in Cascade and Kim reveals that Byrne is nowhere to be found.Peter takes the flash drive to Niles, who Byrne confirmed Peter's suspicion of being a CIA operative sent to keep an eye on Peter, for decryption. The files all pertain to a CIA black-ops program called The Internship. Peter hears Ghost approaching and he takes cover with Niles. Ghost uses a high pitched whistle to incapacitate to Peter, but he still escapes the store with the flash drive. Ghost questions Niles for information, though it is clear that Ghost knows about The Internship, and then kills him.Peter goes to Lucy's bar and finds her beaten to death. He reviews the files and finds a video from Elena. Elena explains that the The Internship was a program run by the CIA that stole young children to train them to become the perfect assassins. Dennis, Elena's colleague, was attempting to remove an asset from the program when he was killed. Elena also confirms that Sophia is their daughter, telling Peter that she doesn't know how but she's alive. The video breaks out after Elena tells Peter he must protect her and that Sophia is in danger.Peter races back to Byrne and Sophia but finds that Piasecki's CIA operatives have already arrived. He is attacked and kills two guards before Sophia is dragged into the back of a van and driven away as Peter and Byrne fire at the car. Byrne tells Peter to go follow the van and he'll be able to hide himself.Byrne is intercepted by more operatives and Piasecki orders them to eliminate Peter over the objections of Agent Kim. The agents open fire on his truck blowing it up, but not before Peter is able to escape.Peter, who is barely conscious from his wounds, is found that night by Junk Man, a French homeless man who is often found around Cascade. Agent Kim reveals to Piasecki that they have found no evidence of Peter and Piasecki orders them to end the search. The Junk Man is revealed to be Byrne in disguise, who has taken to Peter to a secret bunker for recovery.Piasecki and Kim interrogate Sophia who reveals that she is Elena and Peter's daughter, accusing Piasecki of killing her mother. Piasecki denies that the CIA wants to kill Peter or had anything to do with Elena and then threaten her for more information. She orders everyone, including Agent Kim, out of the room.Peter and Byrne review the files show that Piasecki is running The Internship program, which temporarily dulls certain senses to hope they recover like Peter's did, creating the ultimate assassin team. However, before they can continue looking through the files it receives a virus and self-destructs.Peter remembers that Elena sent two books and likely put a second copy in the other book. Byrne wants to go get it but Peter refuses, owing it to Elena to find Sophia first. He uses a tracker he had given her earlier to locate her, taking some weapons from the stockpile that Byrne had.Agent Kim criticizes Piasecki for breaking protocol with the interrogation and threatens to report her. Piasecki claims she'll report herself after the threat is neutralized and reveals a tracker she found Sophia, something Kim missed in her previous search. Piasecki warns that Peter is coming and to prepare for an attack.Agent Kim orders the agents to various defensive positions but Peter easily infiltrates the facility killing multiple agents. Peter reaches the control room and fights off the agents. Kim leaves Piasecki to help get Sophia to safety. Piasecki intercepts them bringing them to a different part of the facility. She orders Agent Kim to leave them but when Kim refuses, she is shot and killed by Piasecki.Peter is attacked by Ghost who reveals himself to be an alum of the Internship. Ghost wants to be the one who kills Peter, who. he refers to as "Patient Zero." Peter tries to break through to Ghost and get him to escape from the CIA but Ghost mocks him and attacks again. Ghost nearly beats Peter but after revealing that he killed Elena, he infuriates Peter who grabs a wood shard and stabs Ghost through the eye killing him.Peter finds Piasecki and the two fire at each other with Piasecki revealed to have heightened senses as well. She explains that she was an Intern who know leads the program. Sophia arrives with two CIA guards. She orders Peter to put his weapon down and hand over the flash drive.However, Byrne arrives killing the two guards and forcing Piasecki to put her gun down. Peter turns his gun on Byrne accusing him of starting The Internship and being Piasecki's superior, which Byrne admits to. Byrne apologizes for involving Peter, saying they only wanted to find the information. Peter claims Byrne is only trying to save his legacy but he claims Sophia is his new legacy and hands her a gun which she points at Peter. Sophia orders Peter to give over the flash drive but when he refuses she shoots him in the arm. Byrne claims she is the new perfect weapon, kidnapping her after she was born and "pronounced dead." Peter tries to get through to Sophia, telling her that Byrne kidnapped her and after Elena was sent the files and discovered the truth, she confronted Byrne and he had her killed by Ghost. He begs her to decide for herself and not be controlled by Byrne. He tells her how much he loved her mother and her mother loved her while Byrne orders her to kill Peter. She turns the gun killing Byrne and wounding Piasecki.Sophia still expresses admiration for Byrne, but telling Peter he was thinking too small. She warns Peter she is coming for the flash drive and likely won't remember he is her father but she and Peter have a small farewell.Peter returns home and finds the other copy. He opens the files and finds the video that cut off earlier. Elena confirms his theories about Byrne and tells him he must help all of The Interns. He smiles as he hears a sniper zoning in and sees Sophia with it.


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Action Thriller

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2024-01-11 14:58:43

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1 hours 40 minutes

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